This contribution is made to honor M., a volunteer you have sent to our son as part of your Friendship Circle.

M. is an inspiration to A., he is looking forward to playing with him every week, and often after he leaves pretends to still be playing with him.

We really appreciate your finding such a great guy to play with A.


S. & Y. S.

Dear Chanie,
The Friendship Circle has been such a good experience for my son with
autism. He sees his sister having play dates and now he also gets to enjoy
having a friend over to play with and talk to. His Friendship Circle
companion has helped him participate in this very typical childhood
experience. The visits from his friend have boosted his social self
confidence and connectedness and has brought another joy into his life.
It's such a blessing.

Kris k

Dear Chanie,
W. is awesome I love spending time with him and hope he is
enjoying me coming. It is kind of hard for me sometimes because it is
so far away from where I live…J. is very understanding and I love her I
hope I am helping her out as well. … Thank you for giving me this wonderful

Jess – a Friendship Circle Volunteer

I enjoy seeing E. I feel she has really improved since the beginning of the yr. We don't just talk about the past; she has really learned how to ask questions about me and talk about the present.

S. - a Friendship Circle Volunteer

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